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Tantric Healing Massage

At the most profound level, tantric massage can give you a direct experience of your deepest nature; of who you really are. This is an experience of grace and comes from what is sometimes called an orgasmic trance - an altered state of consciousness that arises when we are deeply relaxed and also energised so that we can drop fully into our centre. There you can find an infinite spaciousness that is alive with the living energy of Shakti; both empty and full of the boundless qualities of light, joy and bliss.

Your body knows how to heal without conscious effort and your Soul knows how to wake up.  All you require is trust that you are safe, honoured, supported and  really seen as you are. This allows your energy to flow easily and naturally dissolving and healing any blocks.  


In different centres this can be experienced as; in the head,

creamy white light ;

in the heart ,

boundless unconditional love ;

in the solar plexus, deep trust and relaxation;

in the belly and yoni; passion and creative                 power.