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Tantric Healing Massage

Do you close down when you want to open up - physically or emotionally?

Do you feel restricted by past experiences and find it difficult to respond in the present?

Do you feel ashamed of your body, your yoni (genitals), your sexual desire or your pleasure?

Is sex nonexistent, a chore or a duty?

Do you need alcohol or drugs to enjoy sex?

Can you only have sex in the dark or with people you will never see again?

Do you have traumas from abuse, rape, childbirth or medical procedures?

Do you find it difficult to give yourself sexual pleasure?

Do you focus on your clitoris as the only source of sexual pleasure?

Are your orgasms all of the same variety?

Do you use sex mainly for comfort?

Do you use sex compulsively?

Do you have difficult feelings or behaviours around food or eating?

Were you brought up as a Catholic in UK or Ireland? See Catholicism & Female Wounding.

Did you have childhood and teenage years where you never explored your genitals and learned to self-pleasure (masturbate)?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions then it is worth considering contacting me!

                        If you answered “Yes” to more than one; then I definitely invite you to contact me to     see how you can change this vital aspect of your being and re-connect with your true     nature.

                              Phone me on 07973 504121 or email .

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