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About Me
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Tantric Healing Massage

          I started my training with a massage workshop 40 years ago in the early days of the humanistic therapy movement in UK and later trained for three years in biodynamic massage and therapy following my passion to discover how the body, mind, emotions and senses are affected by our lives and the world we live in. I have never lost that and been fortunate enough to be able to work all my life as a therapist with this.

From living in a community for twenty years to bringing up two children now in their thirties and now having a stepdaughter of 20, I have been involved with many people and how they grow. Professionally, I have trained and supervised many hundreds of counsellors and therapists in their work with others.

I have also been fortunate in being able to travel in India, Africa and Nepal seeing other cultures and have practiced, tantra, tantric kriya yoga and meditation in various forms for many years. In 1998 I started Transcendence to teach tantra in UK (

In terms of more recent training - I have to thank my many tantra teachers from SkyDancing, School of Awakening, Tantric Kriya Yoga over the years and the two extensive, complete trainings in tantra (each over several years) I did; one as a Single and one with my wife Hanna as a Couple. These trainings covered many years, the first starting in 1995, and gave me the experiences and the knowledge to use touch with sexual energy in a safe, ethical and clear way and never to use the client to satisfy my own unmet needs. See my Ethical Principles page .

Sacred Sexual Healing book cover

In the last few years there has been more training available in sexual healing; mostly coming from USA. I have worked a little with Sri Param Eswaran (See Para-Tan sound Healing )and I have spent some time training with Baba Dez the founder of the Sedona Temple for Sacred Sexual Healing (see his book Sacred Sexual Healing)

In 2011 I did a five day workshop in deep tissue bodywork with Rasal in India. See his website . He has been developing his unique integration of rebalancing, rolfing and joint release work for over 20 years.

Also, I did, a workshop on healing the wounded womb with Rex Brangwyn. Rex has 30 years of working full time with trauma in the mind/body. He is a highly experienced and trained gynaecological osteopath. In September, another 5 day workshop with Baba Dez, then the conference on Sex and Consciousness in Prague and finally in early October a weekend with Joseph Kramer, the “grandfather” of hands-on sexual bodywork ( see link), who developed (since 1984) Sexological Bodywork, which amazingly, is recognised by the Sate in California.

I have a lifelong commitment to my own training and professional (as well as personal) development. In April 2012 I was on a week-long residential retreat in Portugal with Adam B. called “Landscapes of Awakening” about embodied self-enquiry and presence.  In June that year I did a weekend with Denisa and Richard on their Czech approach to tantric massage and later I was at a weekend conference on “Dealing with Complex Trauma, Abuse and Attachment”. In September I did more work with Adam B. and in October a workshop on Orgasmic Meditation with Nicole Daedone. Recently I trained in Brainspotting, a neurobiolgical approach to trauma removal with David Grand its developer. I love to bridge alternative and conventional medical and therapeutic modalities.  In November 2013 I spent five weeks in India working on my book on tantric psychotherapy due to be published in 2022. I was back in India in 2019 visiting Assam tantric temples.

I have done many more sessions and three more retreats with Adam B. I have worked with Daniel Odier learning his tandava the dance of Shiva. I have been assisting on the International Society for the Temple Arts (ISTA) trainings in South Africa and Ibiza.

I have recently been more engaged in the study of Kashmir Shavism the ancient non-dual tantric tradition that flourished nearly 1000 years ago in the Kashmir valley with Mark D. In Varanasi and with Christopher Wallis in London, Thailand and Portugal as well as via the internet. I am now based in Central Portugal but visit UK every couple of months.

I have a blog on Transformation at

About Me

“I want to write to you to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your amazing work that over time has allowed me to find my way back to myself.The safety and the integrity of who you are, created the sacred container for me to begin to flower again and for this I shall be forever grateful. Of course I have more work to do and this is just the beginning, however the self love I have discovered over this time is the beginning of a new life for me.” NA (48) Jan. 14