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Tantric Healing Massage

I met with many practitioners during my visit and I highly recommend Martin....he is a highly skilled therapist, teacher and daka.   Baba Dez Nichols,  Founder of the Sedona Temple for Sacred Sexual Healers (09).

Feedback, from unsolicited emails sent after the session

most recent first -  it goes back to 2008!

I feel like I can just jump in and flow and let go with you, and you hold me safe there, and it is very beautiful. Last session I felt like my heart was opened so much. I’ve been doing the meditations and the last couple of days I can just feel this beautiful opening through my heart and into my hands and it feels lovely. It was such a lovely session. EM (49) Jan 21

Thank you so much for today’s session. It felt very special….I’m still buzzing! It was truly the best experience of my life. I felt very tearful but joyful and blissful both in the session and now, just thinking about it. July 20

Well there’s definitely been a shift!! I have been incredibly aroused with pelvic tilting, feeling tingles in my labia as well as deep within. This has all been with movement and no touch. LH (50)  Jan 20

Thanks for today. Such a beautiful session. I felt pure unconditional love running through me. I felt total acceptance for me just as I am, all my flaws, all my desires, all my embarrassment. It was all on show and you just saw me and accepted me exactly as I was. I felt beautiful and you were beautiful. I felt the whole range of feelings, toe curling embarrassment and sexual desire and pure joy and anguish and sorrow and beauty and love. Most of all love and joy and that's the overriding feeling I've been left with today. I… I felt like I was totally in my body and not thinking so very much... I feel very blessed. Thank you.  LM (47) March 19

…it was intense and emotional but also blissful and amazing and wonderful. It was great being able to feel all that going through me and being able to allow it, …there was rage and lust and anger and power and love and I could feel it all sweeping through me. And you were the platform for me to do this on, a magnificent Shiva. Kali needs a really strong platform to be able to dance on and you just held it all there so I could express it all in my own way. You've got that lovely solidity about you that makes me feel like I can let go and just be. LM (46) Dec18  

You have helped me bring back colour and life back into the core of my being, ………… I am really grateful at the difference I feel for the rest of everything in my life now and how I stand up for my self in groups and with others, without fear of rejection as I trust & believe in myself a lot more! DB (72) June 18

I just wanted to also say thank you for a great session today.  I can see and feel such a difference in me how open I am now and feel and really how distant the old me is. Words don’t even begin to say my gratitude, what you have helped me achieve is well beyond my wildest dreams and this new me is only starting out on this exciting new life now.  I honestly cannot say thank you enough for making me feel safe and held and setting your boundaries to enable me to get where I am today.  I am so full of respect for the work you do and wish more women could face their bravery and get help from you. NM (56) June 18

Thank you for yet another brilliant session, it amazes me how far I have come and what I have achieved with your sessions so thank you for getting me to where I am. I never thought I would be able to come this far and also to know that my potential is so much more. So this is an exciting journey for me. NM (56) Feb 18

Thank you for yesterday - I'm feeling really alive, and have read the lovely "home work" and feel really happy about it and supported! It's fantastic to not feel dragged down by a deep heaviness which drained me and took all the colour out of my life DB (72) Oct 17

It was good to meet you too and begin to look into a beautiful world without words that has been dormant for too long ... ! I feel so much freer this morning and the concrete has dissolved for the day ... thank you.  DB (72) Sept 17

Thank you for today. It was the first time in a session that nothing negative came up for me... I remember you saying in our very first session that different emotions will come up, often anger and sadness and then underneath everything is joy. I felt some of that joy and bliss and connection to everything today and you were there with that and it was lovely. I also still feel really energised instead of really tired like I often am. So thank you. It was a really special session for me. EM (47) August 17

I just wanted to say that after the last session I really feel something is starting to shift and the abuse and trauma seems to be slightly less intense. As you said now we can really start the work.  I left with so many different emotions, elation, hope, sadness.  I have no idea how I allowed myself to be so present, grounded, allowing my emotions to come out, it was amazing and something I have never experienced before.  It made me realise how completely shut down, unavailable and closed I have been until now and that it is ok to open up, allow my heart to open and to be seen and allow myself to be touched and receive pleasure. This was something I never thought would be possible. NM (56) July 17

After the first session I particularly noticed a change in my experience. Men seemed to be talking to me more and I felt more open and less fearful in the way I responded which was nice. HP (37) April 17

… you were so perfect because you just seem to know exactly where I am...and you are just so THERE. I felt more orgasmic throughout my whole body than I've ever felt before and can still feel that lovely energy moving up my spine and into my arms and hands as I think about it. I can also understand the possibility of being able to orgasm through different parts of my body...never really believed people could do that before!

EM (47) Jan 17

I've spent my life feeling shy and wanting to hide myself but all the time with this contrary yearning of wanting to be noticed and properly properly seen. And you were there. There, just for me...seeing me. It felt as though you were seeing into my very essence, my very soul. Thank you for your unwavering presence, your calmness, the fact that you are simply THERE despite what sometimes seems like my chaotic emotions. That I can trust you to hold me..EM (47) Dec 16

You helped me arrive at a place that for a long time I have been disconnected from. Thank you for the safe space that you created, for your gentle encouragement, for helping me find the courage to go where I had been afraid to tread for so long.  I believe that in just those three sessions, some profound healing has taken place.  I no longer feel haunted by old ghosts, I no longer feel disempowered by the trauma I experienced.  You have helped me let go of the past and set me on the path to freedom and for this, I will be forever grateful  LC (35) Nov 16


I also just wanted to say thank you so much for today. It was a really wonderful experience. I don't know if I said thanks... I felt very spaced out afterwards! I definitely feel much much better and happier and contented than before I saw you! Trying to find words to say how I feel... part of me is still feeling all the embarrassment and shame and getting caught up in what you think of me etc and another (winning) part doesn't care and wants to just be and breathe and experience and I'm trying to stick with that part of me... I just love the feeling I get when I do allow myself to just let go and surrender and I love that you enable me to do that and somehow I can trust you enough. So thank you, thank you, thank you.   EM  (47)  Oct 16

To be honest with you Martin, I can't truly thank you enough for what you have done not just for the massage but generally just being there for me has been do life changing. I would like to continue working with tantric massage for now. LT(37) Sept 16

I was aware of your very strong male presence but also a real gentleness and felt really safe in your ability to just hold me where I needed to be. I did feel very safe and held and contained by you and this was a really lovely experience and a new one . EM (47) July 16

Thank you for the beautiful session yesterday and for sending me the two exercises. I have definitely found the session useful and I feel that I could trust you which is very important for me. It really helped me that you have spent time with making connection to me before , during and after the session and reassured me that everything is ok that comes up. It made me feel safe, accepted and connected. AK   (30’s) July 16

….I also had a profound experience on retreat and the session with you grounded this in my body beautifully. My level of surrender felt immense which also is a big deal for me so all in all I received all that I came for.  GH (50’s) July 16

Our sessions had a massive and far reaching impact on me,….  JT (49) Jan 15

I wanted to say a huge thank you for the amazing session on Friday. I am now a happy observer of a sea of releases at physical, emotional and spiritual levels. I have done a lot of personal and spiritual development over the last 10 years but I haven’t experienced the depth and the passion I felt from Fridays session before and I remain deeply grateful.  KG (41) July 14

All the stuff that happened when I was little has just fallen away.  It doesn’t bother me now, its there, it happened but it doesn’t haunt me or terrify me. KC (34) May 14

Thanks for the last session. I've been very aware of light in my solar plexus since the session - hadn't really felt a connection to that part of my body before, and its lovely and very fundamentally reassuring. AD April 14

Something shifted this morning, out of the blue, around my experience of the birth of my son. It was powerful.

I want to write to you to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your amazing work that over time has allowed me to find my way back to myself.The safety and the integrity of who you are, created the sacred container for me to begin to flower again and for this I shall be forever grateful. Of course I have more work to do and this is just the beginning, however the self love I have discovered over this time is the beginning of a new life for me.  NA (48) Jan. 14

Thank you very much for the session. I enjoyed it.And I love the homework too. AS (35) Jan. 14

Maybe I repeat myself but it is such a blessing to know you. I learn and learn and learn from you. Sitting with you face to face for hours (felt), talking deeply and connecting deeply, going through emotions together, touching on so many levels and also slowly feeling dark wild desires below inhibitions and beliefs is the greatest gift I can wish for. KA (35) Dec.13

…people ought to forget about joining internet dating sites and doing all this relationship coaching stuff...the first session with you i had 4 men show an interest in the next 48 hrs re dancing with me...the second session i get this offer the next morning

you ought to advertise yourself as offering a solution for 'how to draw in the men by making absolutely no effort whatsoever'!!!!!!!!!! RH (40) Oct. 13

I had a dream where you and my father tenderly cared for me, while chatting to each other. He was an unreliable dad and I never really welcomed, trusted and forgave him and so I didn't welcome all that in me. It seems to happen now, I suddenly feel supported from within. Even my body feels a bit different. There is a safer ground for me woman to dance on KA (35) Sept. 13

Thanks again for your support….a completely new experience, was having a masculine presence saying it was okay for me to feel and that you would stay - and positively encouraging me to feel and be MORE. RH (40) Sept. 13

I would say there is a process of ‘waking up’ going on.  Some days things look very different.  I had 3 days last week of feeling confident in my own skin which is a total first and really liberating……..Spiritually on occasion I am starting to feel more ‘awake’ which is just the most amazing feeling as I thought I had genuinely lost that part of me.  I’m rediscovering my love for classical music.   I remember that analogy you gave me that I was living in the attic in my house and not in the centre.  Funny thing is, it’s almost like part of me through the tantra journey is having a rummage round in the attic finding things that have been shut away in boxes.  Boxes I have hidden away in the darkest corners that need to be dusted off and brought down into the centre of my house whilst other bits need throwing out. KC (34) Sept. 13

I'm ok, what came up in our last session is very deep and strong. Thank you for holding it all and holding me. It feels like we've touched the core of my blockage and my deepest fear. KA (35) July 13

There has been something new in my life since Saturday, a new depth or dimension, a new richness, I can't say what but it feels great and soft and natural. CF (26) July 13

A lot of positive energy was released after our first meeting, I felt like naturally high for some days. Since then every day something transforms, I open up for my feelings and towards other people, I had great ideas and started drawing again because I feel inspired to express myself.  KA (35) April 13

I know that if I had come to you for regular counselling, we would have talked for many, many sessions and I probably wouldn't have got to the root of my problems.  I'm not even sure that I understand what is happening to me, and why my reactions seem so violent on occasion.  Although I do understand  that it is the bodywork that is allowing me to 'open' to all these emotions,   J  April 13

I feel awesome today, like as if a new chapter has been opened yesterday. I still have a vivid impression of you being a very strong man, seeing and touching me as a woman and all that happened so naturally. Thank you so much,  KA (35) March 13

I was really pleased with the progress I had made whilst working with you and would like to have further sessions with you at a later date. KB (33) Nov. 12

I am infinitely grateful to you for the beautiful and strong way in which you created and held  a safe place for me and gave me the time to just be me..... It was profoundly healing, liberating and beautiful and more than a little disconcerting as I am so used to being defined by at least one of these roles. Most all thank you for seeing me just as I am and still accepting me. CH (37) Oct. 12

I really feel great after Sunday. This is the level at which we need to be working for a while. I had so many revelations during and after this time, but the most important thing is that I can feel my heart opening.  In the days following, I just walked through my life a little different than before. To be seen by the masculine is incredibly important here. I sort of feel like the child has the opportunity here to slowly grow up into a woman with that sexual, life energy remaining open. I cannot reiterate enough how important this work is that you and your wife are doing, and how grateful I am to have found you. This is huge for me. TB (38) Oct. 12

Many, many thanks for the session yesterday.  I can only say WOW, I feel so calm, peaceful and full of joy today. My main concern when I started this process is that I would feel some emotional connection to you that would make the process difficult (after all it is very powerful work) but somehow it seems that you are able to allow me to explore and discover my sexuality, facilitating the process but without getting in the way of my journey (if that makes sense).  You truly did make me feel like a Goddess, and for that I am so, so grateful, it’s not an experience I’ve ever had before!  JT (50) Sept. 12

Yesterday I was intrigued, scared, and aroused all at once. It was as far out of my comfort zone as I could be. And I really liked that. I left feeling radiant and connected to myself in way in which I don't remember ever feeling before....Thank you for your gentleness, understanding and presence. This is the work that I want to do above all other. TB (38) August 12

After our appointment I went home and to bed  early, as I felt really tired, I woke about an hour and a half later feeling energy literally coursing through me, I didn’t know what to do with it, so just tried to breathe through it, my body then started convulsing and then quietening,  in great peaks, this went on for a really long time, perhaps a couple of hours, I eventually fell asleep, and then woke really early feeling the same energy and again the same thing.   I also seemed to experience the sort of bright lights I experience when getting a migraine,  but it seemed to be a really white light above my head, which then seemed to expand to encompass the room, and then kind of disappear into my abdomen (it’s hard to describe).  My body is still literally charged with an energy.. JT (50) August 12

I just wanted to write to say thank you, so much, from both X and myself. We both really found that the time we spent with you was everything we had hoped our introduction to tantra might be, and more. In fact, we have been existing in a sort of bubble since Thursday evening, talking and connecting over the things we both felt and experienced with you! I think we have learnt things about each other and our connection which have both surprised and touched us. In particular, for me, I don't think I have ever felt quite so loved, and trusting of my partner, and thus by the end deeply, deeply peaceful and meditative in that safety. And a lot of what we talked about to begin with also resonated with me, about trust and fear of abandonment, but also particularly about celebrating and worshipping the deep female and my centre and all the reproductive magic that lies there. I left your flat feeling not only like I had inhabited every part of my body and connected to some powerful energies, but also (oddly!) come to terms somehow with actually truly loving my body and the magical things it is capable of. Our time with you transformed our physical connection on Thursday evening, I felt so open and receptive to different kinds of love, and I really think that I have begun to understand something quite personally transformative about receiving pleasure without hurrying to repay it.  R & C  (30’s) June 12

Thanks for your great work and thanks from my heart for my children. JM (38) March 12

Now I feel like a woman again!  NU (age 40)  Jan 12

It was very interesting coming along and having a session with you.  I cried a lot later on in the day, felt healing, mixed in with a longing.  M (age 58); Jan 12

After our first session I was able to ride the energy wave and redevelop my self pleasuring. JE Oct. 11

Really loved today's session, I came away feeling I had experienced a sense of "completeness". I was curious also that my energy seemed to have moved away from the clitoris and much deeper inside my yoni, I experienced inside my yoni much more sensually than previously. C (age 42);  Sept. 11

I have had an incredible day at work feel amazing, so light & so much energy. It was great being me & feeling....Thank you. CH Sept. 11

Thank you so much for the beautiful healing session; I felt so tired after a good tired went to bed at 9 o clock : this morning I am feeling more in control of my self thanks again.. N (age 45); June 11

Thanks again for yesterday. I felt it was immensely healing (feeling quite emotional today - all good, though). UW May 11

Our appointment on Wednesday literally changed everything.  Connecting my yoni to my heart and feeling annointed as the Goddess grounded through all of my body was a great hold sacred space in an exceptionally beautiful, safe, loving way and I honour your practice and commitment of service that is your path. PM Dec. 10

Thank you,............ for your gentle but powerful care. I would like to do a series of sessions. CD Sept. 10

It was nice to explore my sensual cat like nature.  CJ July 10

I just wanted to say thank you so much for yesterday. I felt exhausted but exhilarated all at the same time. It's hard to explain but I felt less congested and able to think more clearly after our session. Thank you again. PJ May 10

Thank you for the session today...... it felt really perfect...... and it feels good to commit to a series of sessions with you working in this way. There were several aaaaaaaaah ha moments during and after the session and I look forward to continuing to work with the idea of a powerful Yin. I also realize that what I have been on the search for for a very long time is the presence of Yang............ which I have had confused with wanting a relationship. DG Oct 08

I love the breadth and depth of Shivoham’s emotional and spiritual awareness – the overview and perspective that he offers. I appreciate the fact that he just teaches… as opposed to having lots of energy invested in being a teacher. I love the lean-ness of what he says – saying precisely what is needed but with nothing extraneous. . it’s stunning. HG Jan 09 (from a workshop)

..thanks for the handout....and also the session; yes I feel like in a gentle breeze in the wake of it.  K  May 09

Another beautiful experience of feeling integrated and whole, believed in and respected.. ....SL Nov. 09

I am still feeling the effects very strongly, it was truly an amazing experience. You were so calm and that feeling radiated around you. ... ...the most erotic experience of my life......3 days later I felt like I've been floating on air.....PJ March 10

Thank you for your patience, support and understanding. We have never been through such strong rivers. We have felt great shifts in our relationship. The biggest part of that shift happened with me -- smiling -- thank you for taking your time with me after a weekend of giving. It has changed my very basic experience, evolution and in so my relationship with X. There are no words for thank you – ... I have to tell you though a hidden energy was coming out when I sat next to you ... something deep within that I have been trying to contact or connect with for quite some time. Thank you for allowing me to fully engage with that 'part' of being. Smiling. It took me back and I still feel as if I am integrating it.  ED Oct 08

Feedback from Clients