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Tantric Healing Massage

Female Ejaculation

Women can ejaculate or emit large amounts of clear liquid when aroused. Amazingly, this seems to be new information for many women, many doctors and even gynaecologists! It is not urine or lubricant and is the female equivalent of the fluid from the prostate that men mix with sperm and ejaculate.

There are references to the female ejaculation of fluid with orgasm as early as Aristotle in ancient Greece. In the East the ancient tantric practitioners called it amrita. The Kama Sutra mentions it clearly and Shakespeare called it "the water of my love." It wasn't until about 400 years ago that a Dutch anatomist, Regnier De Graaf, clearly defined the glands and ducts and said they were analogous to the male prostate. This started a scientific trend of referring to the G-Spot as the female prostate. In 1880 Alexander Skene, extensively studied and illustrated the glands and ducts. It is based in the same structure known as the G-spot after Granfenberg who wrote about it in 1950 as a "new" orgasmic trigger! It is now often called the female prostate as it is equivalent to the male prostate and it underlines the fact that all women have one. It is also not a "spot" but an area, some wanted to call it the G-crest as, when bearing down it can emerge "round the corner" from inside the vagina!

The release can be anything from a few drops that are easily missed; to gushing of half a litre or more of liquid. The reservoir it comes from holds typically about 150 ml but it can replenish quickly.

As women’s genitals are mostly hidden, many women know little in detail. For example the visible clitoris under its hood is the tip of a large structure which goes deep into the body with two branches around either side of the vagina. The whole structure has as much erectile tissue which can become engorged with blood as a man – it is just internal. The clitoris has as many as 6,000 nerve endings and as far as we know, is the only organ in the whole of nature whose only purpose is pleasure!

In the past some women feared that they had wet themselves with urine and may have felt ashamed. It is now time to reclaim this as a wonderful affirmation of female sexuality. The squirting can happened with a large orgasm but it is not necessarily part of an orgasm and can just feel like a relief. As its release is almost always connected to stimulation of the G-spot the orgasm can be slow, deep and moving to encompass the whole body. In contrast clitoral orgasms are usually shorter and more genitally focused.

The “blessing” of a shower of amrita in lovemaking should be experienced as a great honour. In some tantric rituals this can be collected and consumed. It affirms the woman’s deep connection to her sexuality and the blessing of her body and her lover.  Not ejaculating should never be seen as a sign of inadequacy, but of the possibility of further discoveries in the lifelong journey to the Source and the Soul which is both deep inside and beyond us.

Probably every woman can learn to ejaculate. It usually needs stimulation of the female prostate area for quite a long time in the first instance but it comes easier in time. For some women quite a lot of pressure is needed and the assistance of bearing down to initially release the flow. The first time this is done can be quite frightening; bringing up fear of loss of control and soiling. It is best with a partner whom you can trust very deeply to be present and make the space safe and clear. They need to strongly encourage you if fears arise.

If you want to explore ejaculation then it naturally follows from an exploration of the G-spot in deep tantric massage.  This is not really possible in one session for most women. A realistic pattern is to have three sessions; the first introductory session is a meeting, building trust, discussion and some whole body massage; the second can work with  stronger states of arousal including the G-spot; and the third can concentrate on G-spot arousal and how to bear down to encourage ejaculation. This work is never just a matter of "pressing the right button" - men tend to like a manual with all the instruction! It is about deep trust, feeling held and sensing that the man's ego is not involved in this.

Here is an excellent detailed research-based article on female ejaculation; Female Ejaculation Article link