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About Me
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Tantric Healing Massage

Every woman and every session is unique but it may help you to have some possibilities.  We may have had a brief discussion on the phone or some information by email before the session.  At the start of the session, I discuss with you what brought you and ask about your intentions for the session.  I support a process to unfold based on your desires, your intentions and your boundaries.

   Here are some initial possibilities;

sex magic; manifesting your desires through the creative power of orgasm,

These are some possibilities; it depends on what you want, what you need and what unfolds in the process, the deeper your trust the deeper the journey. Your whole being yearns to heal and grow!

David Cates Principles of Sexual Healing gives the principles behind this  see Eight Principles of Sexual Healing

I do not offer “sexual services”, surrogacy, or to be a dating or sexual partner. All this work can be done through presence and touch not through genital sex.

A “Menu” for a session