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Tantric Healing Massage

Going Deeper or Higher

Your birthright is to experience the whole of your body, and all your erotic energy. There is much more than just dealing with wounding, there is expanding into all that you can be. Every women is different and in writing about the possibilities, I do not want you to turn this in to another set of targets to reach, or even worse, to beat yourself up for not reaching. This is more like a menu; you don't expect to have everything, but it is nice to know what is potentially available!

Your whole body is erotic, but there are particular spots which focus the erotic energy and can act as gateways into bliss. They also create a sort of journey of discovery.The first one is the clitoris which many, but not all, women discover in childhood or adolescence. It is the only organ in the whole of Nature devoted only to pleasure with 8,000 nerve endings mostly near the tip. What is often called the clitoris is just the top of the clitoris, hidden underneath a hood where the labia meet. The rest of the clitoris is rooted into the body with two roots going either side of the vagina. As well as a tip, sometimes called the pearl (as it is priceless and sits in the wonderful oyster of the labia), the clitoris has a shaft and in many ways is like a miniature penis. Directly stimulating it can lead to an orgasm rather like a man's orgasm - a sharp peak of pleasure focused in the genitals. For this reason some people think of the clitoris as the yang (or masculine) pole of the female genitals.  Nature's way of encouraging us to be more adventurous in sex is to put the clitoris so far from the opening of the vagina that most women do not orgasm from intercourse. Vibrators can give very direct and intense clitoral stimulation though they can de-sensitise the clitoris if over-used.

The second place is the famous G-spot which is between the two branches of the clitoral roots in the front wall of the vagina about one inch inside. It is usually only prominent when aroused and feels like an area of rough spongy tissue. It can take quite strong stimulation and pressure and can produce orgasms which are whole body and blissful and which can continue for quite a long time - unlike the clitoral  orgasms which are usually short and sharp. It is also possible for intense stimulation of the G-spot to lead to female ejaculation, ejaculating a quantity of clear fluid. For some women this can be a few drops; others squirt a large amount. It is often confused with urine and many women have learnt to hold on and contract the pelvic muscles fearing this, so they miss out on this beautiful and profound expression of their deep feminine bliss. The G spot, named after a German doctor Grafenberg, is better renamed the Goddess spot as orgasmic states which start from there open up a deeper connection to the deep feminine energies and powers. See Female Ejaculation page for more information and for very clear diagrams of genital anatomy. The website has many very good articles and pictures on female sexuality.

The third place is further inside, about three or four inches in and near the cervix and is sometimes called the A-spot after its anatomical structure; the anterior fornix. It is more spread out and when stimulated can have similar effects to the G-spot, but often gentler and deeper. For some women, the area near the cervix contains other points; one on the rear side towards the lower sacrum, often called the “Deep Spot” can feel really great when pressed. It may be that this is because it is close to the Kunda poin (see below).


For some women some light tapping or stimulation of the cervix itself can be pleasurable and is part of the exploration of the “cavern” which opens up at the top of the vagina when aroused.

The final point is called the Kunda point on the inside of the tip of the coccyx bone. Its anatomical name is the coccygeal body (See The Biology of Kundalini ) Steady light pressure on this point can lead to an amazing orgasm which is very silent and still and deep; filling the whole body.

Once the G-spot has been opened, which may require dissolving the trauma residues held in the tissues of that area and around the opening of the vagina; then the way is open for your whole body to become orgasmic. Orgasms can happen in any part of the body. Heart orgasms are the most common but some women can orgasm from toes, earlobes or lips. Then the whole body and the whole of life can be orgasmic!

Annie’s Guide is a lovely piece of writing by one of the pioneers of orgasm as art and as research - Annie Sprinkle. Do download it and read it! See Annie’s Guide