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Tantric Healing Massage

In an erotic bodywork session that would be worth writing home about, the entire body is first lovingly massaged - deeply, and therapeutically. Every knot of tension has been dissolved. Toes or fingers have possibly been sucked and gentle feather strokes have softened you to your yin core. The masseur himself has done a significant amount of inner work and is so balanced and centred that he is almost transparent, barely there. He has no personal needs whatsoever - his joy is tuning in to you and the flow of your energy. By the time the maestro has turned you over and his artistic fingers have made their way to your yoni, you are already just one, big, throbbing sex organ. Suddenly you find yourself unable to distinguish between body parts. It’s not like, “Oh, he’s touching my genitals now”- you’ve been experiencing a gradual progression into the yoni part of the massage which feels absolutely right and natural. Your masseur has become the greatest man to have walked the face of the earth, and can do no wrong. Let’s be honest, he has become GOD. He touches you with the perfect amount of pressure, massages your yoni utilising a staggering number of massage techniques. You never imagined your yoni could be stimulated and pleasured in so many imaginative ways. He isn’t asking anything from you – no orgasm or climax, you’re not expected to make any particular sounds or reciprocate in any way, other than to soften and deeply receive any pleasure that happens to be alchemically generated in the fusing of his hands and your body. And a really switched on yoni masseur knows when to stop, when to do absolutely nothing. He remains still, breathing, circulating the sex energy through his body, transmuting it, his finger resting on some power point, gently tapping in to the energy and transmitting it back into the core of your volcanic body, where you simultaneously implode and expand outwards into the cosmos, erupting into molten sex lava... now you are one, long, rolling orgasmic gliding on a plateau of pleasure...on and on and on you keep softening and opening and you are liquid and there is no 'I' are the molecules of air around your body and the trees outside the window you are the sky and the birds and the wind that carries the birds you are the ever-extending cosmos you are everything that ever moved you are life itself you are infinity...

from Kavidas blog; See her wonderful site

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For small bespoke workshops on tantra and tantric massage see Transcendence at

To be part of the exciting development of tantric psychotherapy see and a book will be published on this in 2020/21.

One woman’s experience of tantric massage:

I want to write to you to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your amazing work that over time has allowed me to find my way back to myself.The safety and the integrity of who you are, created the sacred container for me to begin to flower again and for this I shall be forever grateful. Of course I have more work to do and this is just the beginning, however the self love I have discovered over this time is the beginning of a new life for me. NA Jan. 14