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Tantric Healing Massage

Your Body - Sexual Anatomy This section is about your ordinary sexual anatomy and how it functions. Ironically until recently we seem to have discovered more about the surface of Mars than about this - the source of life on Earth! The yellow is the erect clitoris and the left picture is from the front, above and the right is from the side Everything written here is only a guide - your body is unique and your vulva is like a face or a fingerprint - different for everyone. Here is a selection of vulvas;

On the left  is a diagram of the five different nerves that connect in to your pelvis. More than in a man’s pelvis; no wonder they want the manual for how a woman works! The nerves come from four different regions of the spine, sacrum and coccyx and also from the vagus nerve which is a very ancient nerve which wanders through the body, not down the spinal column,  connecting your brain stem with your heart and your belly.